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The AVI GmbH has set up a central on-call service for you. You can reach us at the following number: +49 176 18 9802 60 We answer free of charge short inquiries via telephone. Detailed consulting, remote maintenance and in-house operation will be charged by the following terms:

  • For every started hour 90,00 €
  • Kilometer rate for travelling 0,40 €
  • The price includes all surcharges.
  • Travelling time shall count as normal work time.

The general terms of business for AVI GmbH will apply (status: 01.04.2007), you can review  here . Gladly we will make a service contract with you, where you can also arrange special terms and guaranteed response times. If you have an Internet connection, we are able to access to your system via remote maintenance to find a solution together with you. Please call our willingness number in advance. If you execute the following files, a TeamViewer-connection is established which enable us to get access into your computer or to showing solutions on our computer.