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The optimization of your processes starting with a valid data collection. Find out more about your solutions at Level-2-automation from our company.

Building Materials

Production of high-end building materials is a complex challenge for the automation engineering. Starting with recovery of basic material, further with upgrading and till the production of high-end bricks, insulating material, blocking lamination and coat of paint - collection of data, energy efficiency and automation are tasks you can solve.

Energy Management

The capture of energy data, the creation of EnPI (Energy Performance Indicators) and the relation of these data to produced goods ... energy management is so much more than reading counts !

Engineered Wood

Production of flake and fiber boards and the refining of these products with different decors is a very complex process. These processes are characterized by a high automation level and a huge arising of data for the quality assurance. It does´nt matter if floor lamination, board for the kitchen or high-end decor for furniture - an optimation of processing will benefit customers and producers.


At the metallurgy there are many of challenges, which will be solved with modern automation technology.

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