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Türenwerk Nickel, Boxberg

The Technology

Profiled decor decks are pressed from wood fibers, which are then processed and laminated together with frame material to doors. In cooperation with PROPLAN und PROWATEC, the task of AVI  was the complete electro technical equipment of the decorative deck line with about 120 driving elements and 1500 signals.

fiber bunker -> web forming –> blank -> press -> trimming -> storage

Automation System
  • operator station: 2 central WinCC and 10x TP170B
  • control: 2 central S7-400 and 5x S7-300
  • systembus: industrial ethernet with S7-communication
  • drive engineering: about 60 movimot, mircromaster
  • remote I/O: 14 ET200S with motor starter, various frequency converter, ASI-bus for the sensors
  • 2001– 2002
Scope of Work AVI
  • turnkey electrical facility included project planning
  • setting up software
  • commissioning



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