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Tar sludge pelletizing SVZ Schwarze Pumpe

The technology

  • Receiving, storage and mixing of tar sludge and dried sludge
  • Drying
  • Condensation and burnout of drying gas
  • Pelletizing of dry granules
  • Storage and transport of the pellets for the gasification and recycling
  • Total 200 driving elements and more than 1200 measurement points
Automation System
  • WinCC operator station: 3 units
  • process control system AS: 3 units S7-400 with CPU 416-2
  • Systembus: Profibus with S7 communication (optical fiber)
  • Package Units: 2 units S7
  • Emergency shutdown system: HIMA PLANAR
  • Remote I/O: 14 ET200M, 3 displays, 3 Pushbutton-Panel, 5 Remote I/O Ex i, 22 frequency converter, 10 AS-Interface-Gateways
realized1999 – 2001
Scope of work AVI
  • Detail engineering process controll system
  • Software application S7/ WinCC
  • commissioning, training, documentaion
  • maintenance and service process controll system


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