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Research Project “Stangenkletterer”

The Technology

The Döllbachtalbrücke as part of the A7 south of Fulda in the amount of Eichenzell/Döllbach was built already in the year 1968 and is no longer able to cope with today’s requirements due to the increase traffic load. The old 576 m  long constructure is replaced by a complete rebuild pillars, foundations and abutmentsBridge demolition and bridge construction be effected by using a feed scaffold, which is moved by hydraulic rod climbers.

The aim of this project was to develop a new controllable hydraulic drive system for the feed scaffold, which complies with the following requirements:

  • Ensuring a synchronized feed movement of all in-feed cylinder involved in the feed
  • Registration of pier deflection during the moving (continuous measurements  of the des pier distance),
  • By registration the pier deflection and by means of  proportional valves, the lifting speed of the rod climbers should be controlled/regulated  that a pier deflection is counteracted
  • The operating concept  for the hydraulic drive system must ensure an operation of the movements  in a simple manner,
  • At any time, a critical state of the system may not occur.

Stangenkletterer is project funded by Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and was realized with the project partners Saul engineers from Braunschweig and Rossade hydraulics from Gröditz.

Automation System
  • SIPLUS ET200S IM151-F
  • laser distance measurement (Leuze)
  • cable Actuated sensors for detecting the position of the hydraulic cylinders
  • secure Bluetooth data connection between the control units of the rod climber (Phoenix Contact)
  • radio remote control (Hetronic) for operation
  • 2012-2014
Scope of Work AVI
  • engineering
  • implementation
  • commissioning
  • documentation



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