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Longshoreman Eemshaven, Netherlands

The Technology

Plaster arises during desulfurization at the power station of hard coal Eemshaven. One part of plaster will be loaded onto a see going vessel over a chain of conveyors and one longshoreman. Additionally, the ash of furnace and the dampened fly ash will transporting by ship over the longshoreman.

The longshoreman will be configured and started manually by the service station or by radio controll. The process is manually operated on the longshoreman by operator. The longshoreman run by rails along the dock and he can wheel horizontally his gantry.  He owns a mobile filling set to change vertical the distance to the ship. A seaworthy container is located on the fully rotating part on the longshoreman, where you can find the electrical cabinet. At the electrical cabinet of the longshoreman are integrated two programmable logic controllers (PLCs), one of them is zero-defect. Security-related signals will be processed without defects. Safety functions are left in the zero-defect part of the PLC program. In main process control engineering view, the control of the longshoreman represents a black box. The data change to the main process control engineering happens over Ethernet.

The connection to fixed transfer point of power feed and signal cabling takes place over a cable drum with integrated optical waveguide technology (OWG) soul. The cabling of the engines and of the process intrumentation and control, starting at the electrical cabinet to the not wheeling component part, is realized with high flexible and torsion-resistant cabling. For drive control of running and slewing gear, there are used variabel-frequency drives. The set-up of engines takes place in drive groups as drives for several engines.

By dint of uninterruptable power supply (UPS) it is safeguarded, that the plant can go in a secure state if there is a blackout of voltage. That involves the mechanical security position as well as the electrical control.


Automation System
  • S7-317-2DP / IM151-7 F-CPU
  • 2010 – 2015
Scope of Work AVI
  • all-inclusive engineering
  • electro technical equipment and assembly
  • radio control
  • software development and
  • start-up


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