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GKM Block 9 Longshoreman

The Technology

During the desulfurization arises plaster at the hard coal power plant. A part of the plaster will be loaded on a ship with the help of conveyors, temporary heap with portal scraper and a longshoreman. Additionally, the wet ash, the dampened fly ash and dry fly ash are transported by ship.

The setting-up of the longshoreman happens manually from the service station or with a radio control. Lauching the longshoreman takes place at the service station of the main process controll engineering. The process of filling will be manually regulated by the operator. The longshoreman is on a firm position. For the final products plaster and wet ash the appropriate conveyor belts will be extended. Very precice loading is now possible after lowering of the heaping set. The product dry fly ash, which is cached in a silo during the process of filling, will be pneumatic loaded with a rotating load set to a closed silo ship. Moreover the dry fly ash can be loaded on an appropriate conveyor belt to the ship with a paddle converter by mixing up with water to wet ash.

On the longshoreman is located a seaworthy container, where the electrical cabinet and service station are hosted. The electrical cabinet of the longshoreman maintains four different voltage power feeds for the customer. At the electrical cabinet of the longshoreman is integrated a programmable logic controller (PLC). Signals of the field will be collected over the decentral periphery system S7-ET200S on different locations. The transfer of the signals to the PLC occur with Profibus. Signals which are relevant to security will be processed error-free. In main process control engineering view, the control of the longshoreman represents a black box. The data change to the main process control engineering happens over Ethernet.

For drive control of running and slewing gear, there are used variabel-frequency drives. The set-up of engines takes place in drive groups as drives for several engines.

Automation System
  • S7-315-2DP / IM151-1 ET200S decentral periphery
  • 2009 – 2015
Scope of Work AVI
  • complete engineering
  • electrotechnical  equipment and assembly
  • radio control
  • software development and
  • start-up


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