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District Heat Store Großkrotzenburg

The Technology

For 25 years the Gemeindewerke Großkrotzenburg GmbH is suppling the community Großkrotzenburg with district heat from the power station Staudinger. Approximately the half of the total heat consumption of the community is covered through this district heat. The district heat is generated at the power station Staudinger with the principle of combined heat and power. The most effective kind of generation of heat from fossil fuels is the generation of heat in combined process.

The power station Staudinger is underlying tight economy surrounding conditions through the exit from the nuclear and fossil-fuel energy. For this reason  the power station will be shut down in the future several times over a year for the duration to three days. The new district heat store will be foresighted full charged before block 5 will be shut down, so that the high efficient district heat can be used as long as possible. Just if the district heat store is unloaded, an auxiliary boiler at the power station Staudinger takes over the supply of Gemeindewerke with district heat.

Through the special connection of the district heat store in the district heating network the heat store is responsible of the static pressure maintenance. This simplifies the operation of district heating network and increases the availability.

Automation System
  • SCADA system: atvise
  • 2013 – 2014
Scope of Work AVI
  • planning process measuring and control technology
  • supply of automation
  • software and
  • startup


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