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Compact Pipe

The Technology

The company RSC Rohrbau und Sanierung GmbH has engineered a new mobile plant for production of steam to proper piping of PE inliner up to 600 meters. Consequently, sewer tunnels can renew through dragging in the folded plastic piping without replacement of the whole old pipe. At the transmitting station you need a mobile plant for production of steam, at the receiving station you need a mobile steam control entity.

The needed procedure for the proper piping will be controlled just with a few operation actions. As far as possible, all steps of process ( preheating, widening, cooling) will going off automatically.


Automation System
The transmitting and receiving stations will be controlled with a SIMATIC S7 each. A stationary installed touch panel and a mobile computer function as a service station, which  take on simultaneously the logging of widening.
  • 2012- 2014
Scope of Work AVI
  • electrical construction
  • delivery of electrical cabinets
  • electrical assembly
  • software
  • start-up

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