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Coil Transport System

A new paper machine for the production of 5,6 m wide tissue paper webs was put into operation at the paper mill Kriebstein, Saxony, in 2003. The following year the old machine was completely reconstructed.

Furthermore, the KRIEPA GmbH has two planting machines which produce multi-ply paper from the single lay tissue, which are then processed in different processing lines to bags and facial tissues. A new hall was built as a central storage for folded and unfolded paper.

The various production and processing machines and the new warehouse were connected with a completely new transport system. Apron Feeders, rail-bound pile plates, vertical conveyors and diverse rotary tables are used. The complete system consists of more than one hundred available components and is controlled with a SIMATIC S7-400. This PLC has a very extensive decentralized peripheral system (Profibus DP), which is mounted along the transport system. It is operated by a total of 14 touch panels and can be observed in the control room of the paper machine at a central visualization PC (Protool Pro).

The AVI GmbH in Hoyerswerda was entrusted with the complete implementation of electrical equipment for the entire transport system. It was consistently set to a conversion with the control software in TeRANIS.

The clear structure of the plant is found in the process flow diagrams (PRAP) again.

So for every conveyor there is a PRAP for the interlocking conditions, a PRAP for the automatic function and a PRAP for the ID-surrender, where each roll of paper that goes beyond the conveyor is handed over an entrained identification number. The maintenance staff can insert these plans from the visualization out at any time online on the Observation PC and thus detect and troubleshoot common faults quickly without wasting time.

In addition to the tool TeCAD other tools were used from the TeRANIS Studio. So all drives are parameterized by using the list generator TeLIST and the administration by all variables in the PLC, the touch panel and the Protool PC takes place in the common database TeVAR. So it was possible with the help of TeRANIS to edit this complex project, which clearly constitutes the character of factory automation, so that a standard tool is using for the specification phase, the programming, commissioning, care and maintenance.

This property, which is usually known only by process control applications in the process industry, resulted in an effective engineering and facilitates service.

By using TeRANIS it was possible on one hand to process and manage recurring structures effectively and uniformly, on the other hand to establish transparency with help of the process flowcharts that allows the operator to identify and resolve specific problems or to lead targeted the service personnel.

Realized: 2003


Project Report KRIEPA

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