The word digitization is omnipresent and is noticeably changing our world – including the world of industry. The data volume of modern industrial plants is growing continuously and presents companies with new challenges. The huge amounts of data have to be managed and archived for the long term. We would be happy to advise you on the topics of open system landscapes, cloud / edge computing or the integration of production data at all levels: from the field to SCADA and MES to ERP. Our portfolio includes our own software solutions that enable you to plan, control, visualize and monitor automated production processes.

Our services at a glance:

  • Conceptual design of customer-specific solutions: from as-is analysis to requirements definition and system design
  • Implementation of software, interfaces, networks and databases
  • Unification of heterogeneous software landscapes
  • Machine and production data acquisition
  • Data preparation and analysis
  • Commissioning of complex systems

The typical project process is structured as follows:

  • Offer workshop – In a detailed consultation, we record the wishes and problems, analyse the existing infrastructure and create an initial offer..
  • Concept phase – In intensive consultations with various employees of the customer, the concrete solution description is developed and handed over in the form of a specification sheet. In this process, we also frequently act as moderator for internal discussions.
  • Implementation phase – With our interdisciplinary team of electrical engineers, automation programmers and computer scientists, we develop the concrete project on the basis of the requirements specification.
  • Service and optimization phase – It goes without saying that we are also available as your service partner after the project has been completed. You benefit from the continuous development of our products. In addition, we actively support you in optimizing your processes on the basis of the data acquired by our system. Within our network we have contacts to first-class partners, such as Pitman Solution GmbH from Cologne.