Technical advice

Every project starts with an idea and the question of feasibility. After preliminary planning and a rough cost calculation, we can quickly answer this question and determine a suitable automation or software solution in close cooperation with you.

Our services in the field of technical consulting:

  •       Basic engineering & budget planning
  •       Preparation of specifications
  •       Risk assessment / HAZOP (HAZard and OPerability)
  •       Validation of the safety functions according to SIL or performance level


Due to our many years of experience, we have competent employees who are available for basic engineering, studies and analyses in the field of conceptual work. The contents we can work on here cover the entire range of AVI’s services, from medium-voltage switchgear to complex IT systems.


Risk considerations / HAZOP

The increasing complexity of Modern machinery and industrial plants places safety for man and machine more and more in the centre of attention. Our employees have the knowledge and tools to actively support our customers in the processing of risk assessments and safety analyses. This is especially true for the re-evaluation of existing plants after reconstruction.

Our services in the field of safety analyses are based on DIN EN 61508/61511:

  • Consulting on legal requirements and relevant standards
  • Creation of SIL verification documentation
  • Implementation of risk and hazard analyses
  • Modernization measures to meet the SIL standard



In numerous reference projects we have acquired extensive knowledge of the instrumentation of process plants. We work with an in-house database-supported engineering tool for data management. Up to 90 piece of information are required for the correct design of a measuring device or actuator in the chemical industry environment. The data collected in the planning phase is used in the further course of the project as a basis for the automatic generation of drawings and program codes for automation systems.


EMCR design with CAD

We have several workstations with the tools ELCAD/Aucoplan, EPLAN P8 and WSCAD. The spectrum of projects that can be processed ranges from a few pages of circuit diagrams to complex circuit books with several 1000 pages.


  • EPLAN P8
  • WSCAD Suite
  • ELCAD/Aucoplan