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What is [LuQ2]machine?

[LuQ2]machine is a ‘mini’ MES system that connects automatically acquired machine data with manual user input.

[LuQ2]machine is a PDA terminal in combination with various MES or ERP systems.

[LuQ2]machine is sturgeon tolerant against harsh environmental influences.

[LuQ2]machine is scalable.

[LuQ2]machine works both as a central solution and as a stand-alone system.

What functions does [LuQ2]machine offer?

  • Recording of up to 8 event signals as status, fault, piece counter
  • Categorization of events by the worker
  • Evaluation of events by number and duration including graphic display and filter options
  • Storage of order-related data
  • Key figure calculation (OEE)

This makes [LuQ2]machine an optimal tool for convenient machine monitoring around the clock. A reliable data basis for the analysis of utilization, effectiveness and malfunctions is created. This new transparency offers possibilities for the targeted optimization of your processes.

How do you integrate [LuQ2]machine in a medium-sized company?

Networking, information transparency and technical assistance – these organizational design principles belong to the core points of industry 4.0:

  1. The existing highly complex control of a machine is networked with the organizational IT system
  2. Additional sensor technology is installed and evaluates this data additionally
  3. Display of additional information, most of which is currently paper-based

What are the distribution channels for [LuQ2]machine?

Basically, there are four different market entrances:


  • Monthly
  • Installation by customers
  • Determination of data from bottleneck machines by customers

Purchase of individual devices

  • Installation by customers
  • Customer can record data permanently on center of gravity machines

Purchase as part of a [LuQ2] project

  • [LuQ2]machine is embedded in a total MES as feedback terminal
  • Several devices are possible

Purchase as part of an abas ERP project

  • [LuQ2]machine is embedded in an abas ERP as feedback terminal
  • Several devices are possible