Often the challenge is to relate different data “islands” to each other. Existing software such as ERP and tools for e.g. personnel time recording or quality control fulfil the intended tasks, but are rarely as closely connected with the production process as it would be necessary for efficient data recording.

The problem in these cases is that although the desired information is available, access is time-consuming and a targeted analysis of complex interrelationships is difficult.

By equipping [LuQ2] with individual interfaces, a considerable added value can be generated. Couplings to your ERP and to further external software can be created. The integration or replacement of Excel tables is just as possible as the digitization of paper documents.

Thus [LuQ2] fits seamlessly into your IT system landscape. A central data platform is created that can collect, bundle and pass on data in a targeted manner.

A classic example of networking is the forwarding of order plan data to the worker level and subsequent feedback in real time.