Our customers operate complex manufacturing and production plants and master their technical and organizational processes. However, the existing technology can only lead to the best possible results if the production processes are optimally organized. [LuQ2] connects your unique data – your production data – your know-how – your processes.

With the new MES concept [LuQ2] you do not acquire a product to which your processes have to adapt. Rather, you as the customer are the focus of our concept. [LuQ2] integrates itself into your existing IT landscape and sees itself as a central data platform. [LuQ2] enables individual MES functionalities.

Operating data, machine data, process data, quality data, logistics data, planning data – connect existing infrastructure and create additional benefits with [LuQ2]. Only if you consistently evaluate the past can you master the future!

[LuQ2] the past – manage the future!

The key to process optimization lies in data analysis. As specialists in the field of automation, we know where and how data is created. With the new MES concept [LuQ2], we can jointly achieve a new understanding of processes for your company.

Together with you, we develop your individual solution step by step. It is important for us to understand [LuQ2] as a framework which will be the connecting element in your future everyday production.

Order-related feedback into ERP, live visualization of your processes and machines, reports, traceability, maintenance management, energy monitoring, quality data management, logistics – as diverse as your requirements are, so extensive are the possible solutions that [LuQ2] offers you.

We have been automating and digitizing technical and organizational processes for more than 25 years. Take advantage of our cross-industry know-how, use the AUTOMATION full of ideas.