We are nominated – for the middle class prize of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation!

After the Oscars were awarded last night, we are also nominated for a prize, the winner of which will receive a golden figure.

Of course it is not about acting, but about our performance as a company.

The nomination alone is already an award, because only every thousandth company in Germany reaches the nomination list. As the only business prize in Germany, the “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” does not just look at figures, but at the medium-sized company as a whole. The companies are evaluated according to 5 competition criteria:

  • Overall development of the company
  • Creation/securing of jobs and training places
  • Modernisation and innovation
  • Commitment in the region
  • Service and customer proximity, marketing

This prize will be awarded during the 5th Dialogue Day “Network of the Best” on 06.03.2020 in Würzburg. In addition to the award ceremony, the event will focus on networking, training and discussion. Key points of the lectures are marketing, motivation and finance. Whether with or without a prize, there is much to experience and learn at the 5th Dialogue Day “Network of the Best” in Würzburg.