Partnership and Cooperation with the Cooperative Education Saxony

As a recognized and long-standing practice partner of cooperative education Saxony, University of Cooperative Education Bautzen, the AVI GmbH has received on 8th June 2017 at a ceremony a practice partner certificate.  This diploma is intended to honor our commitment to dual studies at the Bautzen State Faculty of Studie.  On the occasion of this solemn ceremony, Mr. Frank Seifert reported on the fifteen-year cooperation with the University of Cooperative Education Bautzen.

By order of 17th May 2017 the Saxon parliament passed the new law on the Cooperative Education Saxony with effect from 1st August 2017. With this amendment of the law the Cooperative Education Saxony is strengthened with greater autonomy and the possibilty for applied research, to take account of the full range of services and the interests of the regional economy to the graduates of the University of Cooperative Education of Saxony.

We are looking forward to a further cooperation with the University of Cooperative Education Bautzen, in order to pave the way for young people to work.