Communicative repartee at the 9th ‘Lausitzer Ideenform’

Postponed is not cancelled. This quote also applies to the 9th ‘Lausitzer Ideenforum’ originally planned for 17 March. Shortly after the mayoral election, other interested parties met yesterday alongside AVI directors Mirko Wittek and Frank Seifert to look deep into each other’s eyes with the necessary distance and to exchange ideas. This time the host was the modern dental laboratory – Studio 28.

The organizers were able to win Helge Oelmann as a speaker. Helge Oelmann, born in 1968, has never had an employment contract despite his business studies degree. The freedom to develop things out of markets is his passion and his profession. At the Ideas Forum he gave exciting impulses for personal communicative repartee.

Frank Seifert, Mirko Wittek with Petra Wittek