Basis of everything we do is to ensure the continued existence and the long-term stability of our company. Our vision is to develop innovative solutions that help to create the technical progress. The company´s shareholders will be meet their responsibility to the employees, society and the environment and therefore they formulate the following principles:

What do we want?

Range of Services

Our business activities focus on what we understand and what would be a good match. With our range of services we concentrate on our strengths and competences. We avoid business operations which are against the fundamental rights of the human or serve military buildup.


We seek long-term partnerships with our employees, customers and suppliers. Thereby we are persuaded to establish complete trust. As a requirement for our success we consider coordinated fairness und loyalty in cooperation with each other and with our business partners.

Reference to Profit

Only a lasting realized profit guarantee a healthy development of the company and ensures permanent and additional employment. This enables us:

  • to invest for the future,
  • to fund potential growth,
  • to survive hard times and
  • to make our contribution to society.


In our company we go easy on resources. We support our customers to make resource-efficient their processes.

How are we going to achieve this?


The aim of our quality policy is the satisfaction of our customers, because this definites our value. Every day we must earn once more the trust of our customers by adapting ourselves to their needs and by supplying with the appropriate solution. We are continuously working on improving our business processes.  With an efficient system we would control regularly our aims and determine the relevant improvement. Every employee is responsible for the quality. Wherever possible, self-examination is preferable the foreign audit. The identification and documentation of errors and the fast debugging we rate as high as faultless work. Detected errors may not be repeated. Therefore we would to open discuss and to learn from one’s mistakes.


The management of the company is committed to entitle the corporate objectives, to explain and to make an effort to reach an agreement. To this end, the management regularly do staff appraisal with target definitions and success monitoring.


We need motivated and engaged employees. Our employees are very important for us. Our today’s competitive advantage is based on their knowledge, skills and identification with our company. We only can offer top performances for our customers with motivated, satisfied and successful employees. We expect from every employee to expand his knowledge and skills by constant learning and to prepare for future requirements. We support the education of young people. We need an environment, where ideas and improvement can arise. We encourage our staff to be creative. The environment and the workplace of every employee should be structured in such a way that our employees feel happy. Together with our employees we create a good working atmosphere. Together we will ensure that no one is discriminated or preferred on the grounds of race, nationality, gender, politic and religious beliefs.


We speak openly with each other. We deal with information in a responsible manner. Our aim is not just the exchange of information, but also the fair and objective dispute in the struggle to find the best solution.
We encourage this especially by:

  • regular meetings,
  • a knowledge network,
  • works meetings and
  • personal interviews.

Every employee is aware that he is an ambassador of his company in contact with third parties and has to act accordingly.